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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Allure by Jen Review

I love makeup, even though I don't wear much more than foundation and powder, since having Max. It's just too much work, and I only put on my full face for special occasions. :) I love looking for new products and new colors.
Allure by Jen makes professional mineral makeup, but at prices you can afford! Mineral makeup is made using natural and healthy ingredients that aren't going to clog your pores. Its light and is actually good for your skin.

I received the warm glitter lip balm. It's definitely an evening lip balm. I wouldn't wear glitter lip balm during the day, but I would at night. Surprisingly, the glitter doesn't make the lip balm dry out or feel rough on my lips. I do like the color a lot though, I just wish there was a little bit less glitter.

I also received 5 colors of eye shadow: Mermaid, Enchanted Forest, Arizona, Precious, and Wink. I just love the names, and I think they accurately describe the colors. Most of these colors I feel are night time shadows. I usually wear more neutral colors during the day. These colors are fun and really pop, that's for sure.

Allure by Jen also carries foundations and concealers, blushes, solid perfume, eyeliners and more. They carry multi-product kits and you can buy samples for almost nothing. Allure by Jen seriously has something for everyone.

I also have to note that many products are Vegan Friendly *AND* I love a company that give back. Allure by Jen donates 10% of all sales.

Please, go check out Allure by Jen. I know you'll love it!

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  1. I'm definitely a neutral shade person. I really like the Arizona shade though.


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