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Monday, September 21, 2009

LUSH Cosmetics Review

I recently discovered LUSH cosmetics. They specialize in handmade bath, hair, and body products using natural ingredients. They make smaller batches every week, so every product you buy is sure to be fresh. No mass producing here! I love that every product you buy, actually tells you the individual person who made it! How cool is that? Another thing LUSH is committed to is being environmentally friendly. You can buy 70% of LUSH products "naked" as in, no packaging. It comes home in a recycled Yellow Bag, and the next time you shop, you bring back your Yellow Bag to fill it with your next LUSH purchase. And, one of my personal favorite missions, NO ANIMAL TESTING! They won't even buy ingredients from companies who test on animals. This is important to me, because I am such an animal softie.
I received a few LUSH products to review.

The first product I received was the Seanik Solid Shampoo. SOLID shampoo! I was so intrigued. It really is easy to use, and I personally think it helps with portion control. I probably use too much shampoo, and I have to buy it more often than I need to. You just wet your hair and slide the bar over your scalp three times, lather and rinse. It's that easy. And, one bar of solid shampoo saves THREE 250mL plastic bottles. So it's a great first step in "going green" if you haven't yet. The Seanik Solid Shampoo promises to give limp, lifeless hair body. I think it did! I also think the natural ingredients have made my hair look healthier. I honestly have gotten compliments on my hair since using LUSH shampoo. It has Irish moss and Japanese nori seaweed that soften the hair and sea salt is what gives the volume. Plus, the scent is so nice! It is a nice tropical scent of mimosa, orange blossom, and jasmine. Yum!
I also received the Grease Lightning Cleanser, a spot treatment for breakouts. My face doesn't break out very often, but I feel that only makes it more obvious when it does. The Grease Lightning is a tea tree, rosemary, and witch hazel gel, that uses lavender oil to regulate oil secretions in your skin. It also contains aloe vera to help with redness and irritation. Honestly, for this product, I'm not sure about it. I don't have experience using acne medication of any kind. I usually just let it run its course. I used Grease Lightning on one spot, and the next day it seemed worse that it was before. But after another day, it really did seem to go down. I did like the smell of the cleanser. It wasn't harsh like most facial cleaners. It actually smelled really good. I will probably use it again.
Finally, I received two Ickle Baby Bath Bombs. The Devil bomb is for "kids who are devilishly difficult to get to sleep." The Angel bomb is for "kids who deserve a treat for behaving well." Bath bombs are fun for kids, because of the fizzy action, and the scent has a calming effect, which is great right before bedtime. They use lavender, sandlewood, and chamomile. I am getting sleepy just typing this!
You can find all of these items and MUCH MORE at LUSH Cosmetics. It also has a store locator, so you can find a LUSH store close to you! Go check it out!

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  1. Ooooo...that shampoo sounds nice. And those baby bombs are cute.


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