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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Dei Fratelli Pasta Sauce and Salsa Review

Dei Fratelli is fourth-generation, family-owned company. They started out canning tomatoes and have expanded their products to include tomato products, pasta sauces, salsas, juices, sauerkraut, and more. All of their products are made using only the finest ingredients.

Dei Fratelli has eight pasta sauces. I received three flavors to try out, Traditional, Tomato & Basil, and Marinara.
  • Traditional: A full-bodied sauce created from vine-ripened crushed and diced tomatoes blended with onions, peppers, oregano, basil, garlic and Romano cheese.
  • Tomato & Basil: The delicately clean flavor created by combining vine-ripened crushed and diced tomatoes with fresh chopped basil leaves.
  • Marinara: The refreshingly, robust taste of crushed and diced vine-ripened tomatoes mingle with flavorful onions, garlic and Italian seasonings.

I also received two types of salsas (our of seven) to try out, Black Bean & Corn and Casera.
  • Black Bean & Corn: A delightful blend of black beans and roasted corn carefully blended with tomatoes and peppers.
  • Casera: Casera, meaning “homemade”, is a clean, fresh tasting blend of tomatoes, onions and peppers complimented by fresh cilantro and lime juice.

Overall, I thought the flavors were great, in both the sauces and the salsas. My husband normally likes homemade pasta sauce and salsa, but he even liked them! That's the true test. They definitely had a homemade taste about them. I especially liked the pasta sauces. I LOVE Italian food, and I will be buying Dei Fratelli sauces in the future. I am curious to try the other varieties.

Please check out the Dei Fratelli website to see their other products, find some yummy recipes and tips for healthier living.

I received these products in exchange for writing this review. This is my opinion.

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