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Monday, October 26, 2009

Mommy Monday

We took Max to his first ever high school football game. I haven't even been to one since I was in high school, and even then I was a cheerleader on the sidelines. It was interesting to be in the stands. Cold, but fun! Max had a blast with all the people and all the excitement. We went to see my sister-in-law's boyfriend, a senior, play in one of his last games. I won't get into details, but I was reminded of the politics that surround high school sports. It truely disgusted me, and made me think about when Max plays sports. I can only imagine how protective of him I will be, and I'm curious to see how well I let him fight his own battles. I have a short temper and I am not the type to let people walk all over me, or my family.

So, if you have children old enough to be in sports, how do you handle situations involving your child and the coach (or other players) or how do you think you will, when your kids are old enough?

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  1. Your son looks very cute!
    I am like you with a short temper when it comes to my family. My daughter is not old enough for sports yet, but she has had playdates with kids that don't share or like to play aggressively. It's hard not to swoop in and rescue her but I let her have a few minutes to have her say before I say anything to the kid or the parent. I have taught her to say, "No,(child's name). Stop doing that to me," in a firm voice if someone is pushing, poking her, etc. It usually works :)


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