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Monday, November 9, 2009

Mommy Monday

Thursday night, I had a big scare. Max was acting a little clingy, and although he is extremely hot-blooded, he felt warmer than normal. Within 30 minutes his temperature had risen from 97 to 103.5! We tried to cool him down with some cool water (which apparently is a big no-no, so don't do this!) and his temp came down to 99. We are staying with my parents right now, and the closest hospital is 20 minutes away. We called to see if we should bring him in, but they couldn't give us any information over the phone, except to tell us, "We are here if you need us." Grr... that's a whole different post. Anyway, we were keeping an eye on him and taking his temp every 10 minutes or so. When it crawled back up to 102, we decided to take him in. After the 20 minute drive and the 30 minute wait in the ER, we finally got to see someone. By this time his temp was back down to 99. After a long night in the ER, we came home with a diagnosis of an ear infection, negative influenza test (I didn't think that's what it was), a prescription for some meds, one painful shot, and one sad, tired, worn out, little boy. He has been feeling great and luckily the fever has stayed away. I have my bouncy, wild boy back, but the whole experience made me realize just how much this little guy means to me. Mommy is supposed to make it better, and it's hard when you can't.

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  1. Oh poor baby. I'm glad he's feeling better. It's hard to see them sick knowing you can't fix it.


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