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Monday, November 16, 2009

Mommy Monday

This last week has not been a good one. First, my hubby was sick for what felt like FOREVER. Next, my car died and we were stranded an hour and a half away from home for 8 hours!! Luckily, we had some help from some great friends and spent most of those hours at the mall. (That's where we were headed anyway to do some birthday shopping for my ALMOST-ONE-YEAR-OLD!) The next day, we went back to fix my car and had issues with hubby's car. I was so ready for the weekend to be over with, let me tell you. I'm still a little drained, so bear with me this week. I'll leave you with a picture of Max trying to get the kitty to play with him. He is dangling her favorite mouse over he face. :o)

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  1. Oh, not a fun weekend at all...thank goodness for good friends.


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