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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Did You See the Halo Around the Moon Last Night?

(I got this picture from here. It was taken by Pete Haack.)
So did anyone see the moon last night? Or more specifically, the halo around the moon? I didn't take this picture, but this is exactly what it looked like at my house. Very cool. They say it's caused by ice crystals that form around the moon. And supposedly, it means bad weather is coming. And wouldn't you know that there is a nasty ice storm predicted to start tomorrow night. Boo!! The halo is still pretty cool though.


  1. So pretty! I didn't notice it last night. :(

  2. WOW!! We were out last night... happened to look at the moon... but we didnt see that from here! Awesome!! Hopefully its not true... the whole bad weather thing! Stay warm and safe!

  3. Beautiful--but I'm not looking forward to the possible snow, ice, rain, and being trapped in the house all weekend :(

  4. our moon, here in Ohio, was pink! it was full and bright and pink! it did not have that AWESOME halo around it though!


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