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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Random Tuesday


It's Tuesday, so that means it's time to get random:

Nothing pisses me off more than someone who pulls out in front of me (when there is no one for miles behind me) forcing me to slam on my brakes, and then proceeds to drive at least 10 miles under the G.D. speed limit.

I refuse to pass a car unless I absolutely cannot see any cars coming at me from the other direction.

Last night I had this crazy dream involving a tornado, and all day today I have felt so guilty that I wasn't protecting Max during the tornado.

After the car pulled out in front of me today (when there was no one for miles behind me) causing me to slam on my brakes and then proceeded to drive at least 10 miles under the G.D. speed limit- I made a mental note in my head to write about it in my Random Tuesday.

Max has been a total bear today. I'm assuming it's teething, but at this age, what don't we blame on teething? Maybe he just woke up on the wrong side of the crib.

It's incredibly hard to be an effective disclipiner when half of the time whatever he is doing wrong, cracks my sh*t up.

Whenever I watch Ellen and she gives everybody all this awesome free stuff, I get completely jealous. I think I'm jaded.

I think maybe Karma doesn't exist. People who do bad things get rewarded. Boo.

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  1. I am completely with you on those drivers! P's me off too! We call them and all bad drivers "Turkeys" so we don't cuss out loud! LOL

  2. ha - you are like a bloggy ellen giving away free stuff.

    I had a dream that I left G playing alone and when I checked on him - he had a plastic bag over his head and was turning blue. it was awful!

  3. HAHA... now that really is some random stuff!! =) I TOTALLY agree with the retarded drivers... they frustrate me so much!! Where is a cop when you need one?!?!
    However, I do believe in Karma... it just takes a looong time to kick in! =) Thanks again for all you do!!!

  4. I hear you on the discipline thing--my daughter cracks me up and it's all I can do sometimes not to burst out laughing. But Heaven help you if you laugh because then they'll do whatever it was they were doing five hundred more times!!! Never, EVER even snicker if your child farts in a public place or you will be humiliated....


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