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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Random Tuesday


I missed last week. I wish I had a good reason, and maybe I do, but that was seven days ago and I have no idea why I missed. Sorry.

I had a GREAT weekend away with my husband! We stayed at a fabulous hotel and ordered breakfast room service. We saw one of our favorite bands (even though I hate concerts if I can't sit down and he hates concerts if he can't stand up.)

My husband and I have decided it's probably a good idea if we don't do concerts together anymore.

Max is the cutest thing ever. He has learned how to blow his nose and will do so anytime he find a tissue/towel/sock. He has had a runny nose the last few days and if I hold a tissue up, he will actually blow out most of the snot! I have no idea where he learned this!

We are moving into an apartment at the end of this week! It's really small, but it's our own space and in town! I am so excited! Like really excited! Excited enough to use about nine exclaimation points!!!!!!!!!

Did you count the exclaimation points to be sure there were nine?

Yep, I would say that's pretty random.
Go check out The Un Mom to get random yourself.

And leave comment. Don't make me beg.


  1. yay!!!!!!!!! 9! i'm so happy for your own space.

  2. Hope you are enjoying your limited but personal own space. I could live in a shoe box as long as it was MY darn shoe box and none of my relatives or friends were in it (isn't that awful?!)....Max learning to blow his nose deserves 10 exclamation points! My husband and I were so happy/relieved when our daughter began blowing her own nose, as opposed to us having to hold her down and use that sucker-bulb thing that I can't remember the name of right now.


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