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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Random Tuesday


It's Random Tuesday, so here we go:

We are all moved in to our new apartment and it's so nice to have our own space again, but it is a little lonely at nights when the hubs works. (He works 6pm-6am shifts.)

I think I'm going crazy. I say this because I have got a pretty bad case of baby fever, and 1)We SOOO do not need another baby any time soon, and 2)I HATED being pregnant. I had morning sickness for 7+ months and it made me really mean and cranky. I am so not a good pregnant person.

But I want to be pregnant!!

Yep, I'm crazy.

I haven't left the apartment since Friday, until today. It's just cold and I have no desire to go outside.

Our neighbors are loud. Like run up and down the stairs and leave their door open while blaring incredibly loud rap. I wonder how much of Max screaming they can hear?

Max is totally into exploring the new place. He likes to "help" me unpack and get into things he shouldn't. He's also really starting to be defiant and snotty. Ugh.

That's it for me. I can't really think this week. Get more random here. (Also, if you want to see some more of my random, click the label at the foot of this post.)


  1. Glad to hear your move went well. That stinks your husband works those hours. I'd love to be pregnant too - but my husband needs to find a job and we need to buy a real bed.

    Thanks for voting for my Wii Valentine's Box!

  2. Girl, you CRAZY!!! ;) I am SOOOOO ready for this kid to come is so tiring to be preggo and chase after Jax! If I were you Id wait till Max was 2..seems like it would be a little easier when they're a little older ;)

  3. Maybe it's something with the hormones because I have crazy baby fever. Actually, it's more like, pregnancy fever because I just want to be pregnant.


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