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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

PlanToys Trimino Bugs Review

Children's toys today are nothing like what we played with as children. They are made with cheap plastic, with small and dangerous parts, and don't even get me started with all the batteries we have to buy! In my childhood development classes in college, we talked about how children learn through imaginative play. Toys today tend to have too many bells and whistles, and I really think that we need to get back to the basics.

PlanToys does just that. They create toys for children that are not only safe for both children and the environment, but they support open-ended and creative play that helps with growth and learning.

I had the honor of testing one of PlanToys new products from their 2010 line, the Trimino Bugs. The set comes with nine colored, triangle-shaped tiles with red, blue, and yellow half-circle "bugs" and five plain wooden platforms, some with lines across them forming triangles.

My favorite thing about the Trimino Bugs is that the possibilities are endless. For now, Max is too young to do any kind of structured activities, so he has fun playing and stacking the pieces. He loves the colors, and will line the edges of the pieces together. As he gets older, we can practice matching the "bugs" and learn colors. You can even do more advanced task for children by laying out the plain pieces, and having the child place the colored tiles on top forming different patterns, or find the "missing" tile, etc.

Unfortunately, I couldn't get any good pictures of Max playing with the Trimino Bugs. Isn't that just the way children are though? So uncooperative... But anyway, I highly recommend visiting PlanToys to find more developmental, educational, wooden, and baby toys that I promise will not disappoint you or your child. I already have several PlanToy items on my list for Max's birthday. (Also, can I point out that not only are wooden toys adorable, but they will last through all your children, and then their children, and probably their children. Just sayin'.)

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