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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Too Tired to Come Up with a Clever Title

Hey guys! I have taken a mini-break from blogging because, to be honest, I'm just so dang tired! I started my new job on Monday (which also happened to be my birthday!!) and it's a 40-hour, 8-to-5 job as a legal aide in a local law office. It's been busy, nerve-wracking, and exhausting, but I think I'm going to like it. I have kind of just been thrown into it, learning as I go. I have zero law experience, but I'm getting it slowly. But it's not easy; last night, I was asleep before 9!!

I know I have winner's to announce, and I have several reviews and giveaways to post for you all! It's all very exciting, but I'm trying to get settled into our new routine. I am NOT happy about having three hours or less with Max a day. :o( It's making me slightly depressed, but I know that it will be better for my family in the long run. It's just too hard to raise a family on a single-income.

For all you full-time working mothers out there, please tell me how you do it!?!


  1. I see my boys in the morning before my husband takes them to "Grammy's" and I get to see them for about an hour (long enough to do dinner and bed time) before bed. It's hard.... You'll adjust, but it can take a tole on you. Just try to keep your eyes on your family and what is best for them. You will get through! ...And you'll find time to blog again!

  2. I'm a full-time working mom but I'm a nurse so I work an odd schedule. I work evenings from 3-11pm so I see my kids during the mornings. I blog when I get home from work at midnight!

  3. Teamwork! My hubby & I both worked different shifts for about 5-6 yrs so we only saw each other about 2 hrs a day but we made up for it on weekends! I deligated as we went. Our daughters all learned to do laundry & help make dinner from about the age of 10. We still manage to work together with a whole lot of teamwork & prayer! Hubby & I are now on same schedule & our 3 daughters are all older now. Good luck & believe me when I say that everything will fall into place!



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