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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Explaining Myself...

I read a comment somewhere, recently, (of course I can't remember where it was; I thought pregnanacy brain was supposed to end when you actually had the kid...) that said something along the lines that if your blog only had reviews and giveaways, is that really considered a blog. I take slight offense, but not really, because that's kind of my blog. I don't post as many personal blogs as I would like for two reasons, 1) I can barely find the time to post the review and giveaways that I promise businesses I will post and 2) I have another blog that I keep for personal posts. This blog is a sort of "baby book" that I print out yearly in a blog book to have, that I don't want to have to wade through reviews and giveaways when I want to take a trip down memory lane of pregnancy cravings and first milestones. You are welcome to visit my personal blog to get to know me or even check out my Project 365 blog. Yes I have three blogs. I like to keep things seperate and tidy. What can I say, I'm Type A.

I guess all I am trying to say is, yes, I am a real blogger. I think.

Any thoughts out there?


  1. I like to say I knew you before you were a famous giveaway blogger.

  2. Oh, you're such a blogger! Project 365 looks like fun!

  3. I think the way you do it is perfect! I have some personal blogs I read daily, and then I do the giveaway blogs when I feel like it. It's nice to keep them separate.
    (not that the combined ones are all that bad. Those can be nice too!)

  4. I think the way that you do it is perfect. Probably because I feel related to how you feel as well. I have two blogs, ( I used to have three) and I blog about reviews and giveaways on one, and about personal stuff and will occasionally do reviews on my personal as well. I believe these things should be kept separately but then, that's just me :)

    So I guess like you, I would invite people to my personal blog if they wanted to know a little bit more about me as well, I feel more comfortable that way. So I think the way you do your blogging is just fine, and I don't label people for doing it differently than I do.

    Keep up the good work, I think all your blogs are fantastic!

  5. Well, gosh. Whatever this thing is, it's published in blog format by a person who uses her own voice and original (though highly commercial) content. Looks like a blog to me.

    It's so annoying when people think they get to decide what a "real" anything is. Usually, they just mean if it's what *they* would do, then it's real. Narrow people with nothing better to do worry about what's authentic. The rest of us just live and let live.

    And why should you feel pressured to make this a more personal thing? You're not really a personal writer? So what? You love giveaways. So do your readers. That's what this blog is about, and that's FINE!

    Don't worry about what other people say. Except me. I am infallible.

  6. I keep my personal information to a minimum because I don't put my self out there on the internet like that.
    My facebook page is private and strictly for communicating with close friends and family.
    I started my blog, Kristie's List, because I was always sharing freebies, deals, information about reward programs, products I like, contests, coupons and more with my friends and family via email and Facebook, but they didn't seem very interested.
    I knew the information I had to share was good, but it needed to be directed towards the right audience, and that is what I have with my readers.

    I feel like I've been "dissed" for not operating a blog that shares all kinds of personal information, but that was never what I intended to do!
    Does that make me not a blogger?


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