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Monday, May 17, 2010

It's Always Something, Isn't It?

Well, for the past several months, my computer cord has been threatening to break up with me. It would randomly say that my battery was dying, and I should plug the computer into the wall to recharge, when it was plugged in already. I was always able to sweet talk it into working again, sometimes I had to twist the cord, sometimes I had to push it in with a book behind it, sometimes I just had to hold it at a different angle (fun right?).

Well late last week, my cord broke my heart and called it quits. I went ALL WEEKEND with no computer or interent access. Talk about torture. So here I sit, waiting for my new power cord to ride in on his USPS white horse and save the day. (Meanwhile, I sneak in a couple minutes at work to check my email and whatnot.)

Just so you know that I'm not ditching you all, just mending my broken heart with trashy tv and pints of ice cream.


  1. I hate when my computer acts up! I finally got a new one a few months ago!

  2. So sorry...hopefully the mailman will bring you good news this afternoon.

  3. oh bummer. A whole weekend with no computer!?


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