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Thursday, June 24, 2010

"Be Thrifty" Book Review

My family isn't rich. Far from it! We live paycheck-to-paycheck and sometimes we struggle to make ends meet. I know it won't always be this way for us, but for now, that's the way our life is, and we do what we can to get by. I'm always looking for a way to help stretch our dollar a little bit, so when I was offered the chance to do a book review on "be thrifty - How to Live Better with Less," I jumped at the opportunity.

The back of the book says this, "Thrift is not simply about saving money. Thrift is practical, and thrift is smart." I like that. We are not being cheap (well I'm not, my husband kind of is) but we are spending our money more wisely.

There are seven chapters that cover your home, gardening, pets, cooking, entertainment, health, leisure, etc. You can find everything from instructions to fixing your own plumbing to thrifty recipes to savings plans. My husband has actually been really interested in this book, and we've both learned a lot! This book would be a really great gift for a recent graduate! Every time I pick up the book, I learn something new.

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