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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Elizabeth Arden's Licensed Fragrences Review

I really don't wear a lot of perfumes, and when I do, it's usually in the form of some type of body spray that isn't strong smelling. So when I was asked to review some of Elizabeth Arden's licensed fragrences, I was intrigued. This was going to be a real test, and I was anxious to see how it was going to go. Who knows, maybe I would end up with a new signature scent.

With Love... by Hilary Duff - I'm not sure why, but perfume boxes are always a puzzle to open and to close. But I guess part of the fun is the presentation. The bottle was pretty fancy, and as far as the scent, With Love... was my favorite. The scent wasn't too sweet or overwhelming. It was more musky and exotic, but not in that old lady way. :o) I can picture myself wearing it every day too.

Circus by Britney Spears - I was most excited to try Circus, because Britney Spears had one other fragrence that I really liked (I can't remember which one.) I'm not crazy about the bottle. I like rhinestones as much as the next girl, but they seem to make the bottle look cheesy, not fancy. But then again, it's called Circus, so that's probably the point. The scent is a little sweeter than the others, and it's nice, but not my favorite

Forever by Mariah Carey - This bottle was intense! The lid is so tall, but it definitely makes a statement! The scent is a little more floral, and seems to be a little bit "older" than what I might be drawn to. It smells okay, but not something I would choose on my own.Maybe it will be more my style in a couple years.

Badgley Mischka Couture - This bottle is gold, and to be honest, I thought the gold
made it look a little cheap, which was the opposite statementI think it was supposed to make. The gold paint was chipped on the sides, and it just cheapened the whole appearance. But don't judge a book by it's cover, because I actually really like the scent. It's got a nice mix of musk and floral, and a hint of fruit. I will definitely wear this one.

X Rocawear - This was the one cologne I got to try out. Obviously I won't
be wearing this one around, but I can still have an opinion. The bottle is really cool, and definitely masculine. I actually really like the scent. It's refreshing and not overpowering, like some cologne can be. I'm really trying to get the hubs to get into this one.

Well, it was really fun to try out some new scents, and I have found some keepers and some to pass along to friends. But to be completely honest, I can't really see myself (or my husband being okay with) spending over $35 on perfume. At least not now, while we are on a tight budget.

What's your favorite perfume or cologne?

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