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Monday, July 12, 2010

Expo Dry Erase Board and Markers Review

I received the Expo Double Sided Learning Board to review. It has one blank side to allow free drawing and creativity, and the other side is lined to practice writing letters and numbers. I remember when I was in elementary school, we had the lined chalkboards, and it was always so fun when we got to use them for practice. And a couple times we even got to take them home! (Sounds so nerdy now...) But this is definitely a must have if you have a young child learning letters. Little kids love to draw and erase on a dry erase board. I also received an extra package of the new Expo Washable Markers, that come in several bright, fun colors. Max is having so much fun scribbling and erasing. I don't even have to worry about him missing the board, because the washable markers come out of clothes and carpet! That makes this mommy very happy! (Sorry for the bad pictures, but my camera is broke and I had to use my phone camera!!) I'm excited for the time when Max gets to practice writing his ABC's! :o)

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