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Monday, August 9, 2010

simplehuman Review

I have a confession to make. I am an organizational freak. I am constantly buying baskets, tubs, bowls, hampers, drawers, anything I can possibly find to keep things in nice, neat groups. My dream home will include a place for everything, and everything in it's place. That includes labels and maybe even some color coordination. I know of one company, simplehuman, that helps create a little order in your home. I have seen some products before, in my local stores, but I had no idea how many different products they carried.

simplehuman sent me a sink caddy and sink mat to review. Unfortunately, the mat is a little too big for my crappy, rental apartment sink. I'm bummed, because I can tell the mat is really great quality. The top has a soft rubber lining, to prevent chipping glasses, and the tray is raised to help drain water to prevent mildew. The sink caddy is almost too tall for my lame sink, but I have made it work, because I am that determined to have organization. The caddy has not only a wire ledge hanger, but also four suction cups to keep it secured. There is an extendable brush holder, that adjusts to the length of your brush, and a removeable blastic divider for spondges. There are plenty of drain holes so your products are sitting in water. I also love that it's rust-proof. I'm sad that I can't use these super-awesome products the way I really want to, but I know that when we move, both of these products will help me achieve my dream kitchen.

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