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Monday, September 27, 2010

My Baby Clothes Boutique Review and Giveaway

You've seen My Baby Clothes Boutiqute on MLG before. We've been lucky enough to have a few guest posts from the talented writers at My Baby Clothes Boutique (click the link at the bottom of the post to see them all!) but today, I'm excited to show some of my favorite item available at MBCB. You can find these great outfits, and more including baby hats and headbands, tutus, and gifts.

I love, love, love this Holiday Tutu Set. I love everything about it. I dream of having a girl, for tutus and hair bows alone. I'm digging the striped leggings too.

I wish I had this Baby Baseball Three-Piece Layette Set in All-Star Gift Box when Max was born. It would have been perfect as a coming-home outfit. My husband played baseball through high school and college, and this would have been the perfect start to Max's career in baseball. ;o)

This pink ballerina onesie from Mud Pie makes me want a girl so bad! I'm in love with all the pink and ruffles. The bow, and the personalization are the icing on the cake. Too sweet.

I want to get this Robot by Baby Bol outfit for Max. Wouldn't it make the cutest Christmas cards?? I'm loving the sweater vest. Argyle!! *sigh*

My Baby Clothes Boutique sent me this cute First Down Pant Set by Haute Baby. Isn't it the cutest? And if you can believe it, it's ten times cuter in person. Those plaid pants!! Seriously, they are just a little too big on Max, so they look a little baggy on him, and it's like I can see him as a sloppy, teenager, just rolling out of bed. And I love the layered-look in shirts. It's my very favorite type of long-sleeve tee. Both items of clothing are very, very soft, and I'm very pleased with the quality. It's just perfect for football season and fall weather. My favorites!

One Mommy Loves Giveaways winner will receive a $25 gift card to My Baby Clothes Boutique!!

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Shutterfly Review and Giveaway

I've written about Shutterfly once before, but let me show you some of my newest favorites:

I love personalized stationary, especially for handwritten thank you notes. This Fuchsia Petals card definitely caught my eye right away. I love the simple, modern, clean look. And there's plenty of room for your personal note.

Oh, oh, oh! How cute is this Teeny Tiny Elephant Birth Announcement?! I'm pretty partial to blue and brown; it was our nursery color scheme, and I LOVE the elephant and scalloped border. And maybe it's just that precious baby on their, but this birth announcement is making me have the baby fever itch.

Halloween is so close, that it's definitely time to start thinking about holiday cards to share with your friends and family. Since becoming a mom, cards are one of my favorite ways to share my latest favorite picture of Max with a holiday greeting to our family.

I love the many, many choices for Photo Christmas cards, that it was almost impossible to choose just one to show here. I picked this Peppermint Pink Christmas Card, because I am a sucker for pink and red color combinations. (Hello- look at my blog design!) I like the square/rectangle mix and the font is very cute. And I'm diggin' the monogram too. Just perfect.

I ordered these Let's Hang Birthday Invitations for Max's first birthday last year. We did a monkey theme for our little monkey, and these invitations were the perfect introduction to the big day. I love the simplicity of the stripes, the bunch of bananas, and that cute monkey at the top. The print was perfect, and I could not have been happier with the outcome. I literally gasped out loud when I opened the box, because they really do just look fabulous in person. The cardstock that they use really makes you feel like you have a quality product in your hand. I received so many compliments, and I can't wait to pick out invitations for our 2nd birthday party in a couple months!

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Monday, September 20, 2010

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Mommy Loves Giveaways is now accepting new sponsors. You can email me for rates at mommylovesgiveaways at gmail dot com. Or click on the "Contact ME" link at the top of my page.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Otterburn Review and Giveaway

One of the problems with Etsy is that it makes me so jealous that I don't have half the talent that most of these people have. I'm terribly jealous that these women (or men) can create these amazing products that people want to buy. Take Otterburn, for example. These pillows are stunning and so creative.

How adorable is this owl pillow? I love, love, love the simplicity of the lines and those teeny-tiny legs are too cute. The red piping on the pillow is the perfect pop of bright color. I love everything about it!

Otterburn's "specialty" are the embroidered zodiac pillows. This is the Aries pillow, which is my sign. Again, I'm loving the simple lines of the ram. I love those round horns. So perfectly cute.

If you don't want to go all out, you can get one of the mini zodiac pillows. This Cancer pillow kills me. That giant claw! Love it!

Otterburn sent us this cute zodiac pillow for Max. It has his sign - he's Sagittarius- and she even personalized it with his name and birthday. I really like the blue gingham fabric, and I'm super impressed with the embroidery. Max got ahold of the pillow and pulled a couple strands out of the frame, but it still looks great. The pillow came with a card attached that listed three traits of his sign. This is something I'm going to keep forever, and probably will be one of the things I can give to Max when he is much older, along with all his other treasured baby items. Love new traditions!

One lucky Mommy Loves Giveaways readers will win a $20 gift certificate from Otterburn!

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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Wholesale Costume Club - Halloween Review

Moms and Dads - it's almost that time again. HALLOWEEN! As a kid, Halloween was my very favorite holiday. I mean, what's better than dressing up and getting lots and LOTS of candy?! Not much! Last year was my first year as a mom on Halloween. We didn't really plan to trick-or-treat much, but I did want to dress Max up in something really super cute. I quickly learned that there are a lot of option and a lot of price ranges for Halloween costumes. I wanted something in my budget, but I also wanted something that didn't look cheap.

I was recently introduced to Wholesale Costume Club, the only costume website on the internet that lets you purchase Halloween costumes at wholesale club member or non-member prices that are below the lowest retail prices you'll find on any online costume store. Each costume shows you the price you would pay at other sites, then give you your price option as a member or a non-member - and both prices beat the other sites!

Wholesale Costume Club was awesome enough to let me pick a costume for Max to try out. Their selection of Toddler Halloween costumes is pretty extensive, so I ended up browsing for hours trying to decide. Last year Max was a monkey and a dog, so this year I wanted to go with something else. I finally decided the Lil Frankie Costume would be perfect. We received the costume quickly after placing the order, and I wanted Max to try it on right away. Oh my GOSH, he looks so cute. I'm really happy with the costume; it seems perfect for whatever weather decides to come our way. I've seen hot and cold Halloweens, it's always a crapshoot. I love the little shoe covers that look like Frankenstein's (Did you know that Frankenstein is actually the dr, and the monster never actually had a name, other than Frankenstein's monster? Little fact there for you.) giant feet. I love all the little details like the patches, stitches and bolt. I'll probably pain his face green. And that flat top head is so cute. I'll have to work on finding a new camera so you guys can see how cute it is! I couldn't ask for a better costume at a better price!
Check out Wholesale Costume Club while doing your Halloween shopping. And check out their Facebook and Twitter pages, while you are at it.

**Wholesale Costume Club provided me with the costume in exchange for writing this post. I was not paid in any other way, and the thoughts and opinions of this review are all mine.**

Tuesday, September 7, 2010 Review is pretty self-explanatory, I think. Pretty much any type of lingerie you can think of, you can find at, duh. From sexy bras and panties to plus size lingerie to sexy costumes (hello Halloween!) and even bridal lingerie, you will be inspired, I promise. Every girl wants to feel sexy, and wearing pretty underwear, even if nobody knows it, makes me feel sexier than just about anything else. sent me this really cute, really hot bra set in cheetah print, and detailed in hot pink. The set includes a bra, thong, skirt with garters attached, and thigh high stockings. I love the look of it, and the quality is actually great, for the price. It's a lot better than similar styled products of the same price, that I've had before. I'm not the smallest girl, and I have had no problems with fit, or wear and tear. It has become one of my husband's favorites.

The things I loved best about was of course the massive selection, easy navigation, and affordable prices. I had no trouble finding the things I liked best, and there were tons of items that were definitely my style. I didn't see one thing that was ridiculously priced. I would recommend to any of my friends. I'll definitely be "back" much to my husbands delight.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Clouds and Stars QuickZip Crib Sheet Review

When Max was still taking bottles at night, he would sometimes pee through his clothes. Do you know how inconvenient it is to change a crib sheet at 3 a.m. while dealing with a newborn?! Not cool. Eventually, I started putting two sheets on the crib, with an absorbant mattress pad in between, so if he peed through his clothes, or even spit up in his crib, all I had to do was pull off the top sheet and pad, and he was set.

Evidently, I wasn't the only one having this problem, becuase I came across Clouds and Stars, the creator of the QuickZip Crib sheet. I received the sheet in Green Gingham to review. Basically, you put the entire matress into the sheet, and then you take the top and it attaches by zipper all the way around. To be honest, it was kind of a pain getting the mattress into the sheet, but you only have to do this once, especially if you by multiple top sheets. So changing the sheet means unzipping the old one off, and zipping on a new one. I had a tough time getting the top sheet onto the zipper at first, but I think it will definitely become easier with practice. I love the idea of only having to change the tops, but I do think it could be improved. I think it would be great if it had two top layers, and after you unzipped the first layer, there was another sheet already there, so you didn't have to worry about zipping on a new top sheet in the middle of the night. Very cool product that I'm glad to have found!
Check out Clouds and Stars for more sheets and products.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A MommyLoves Giveaway!

No not "Mommy Loves Giveaways" I said, "A MommyLoves Giveaway" - Confused yet?

MommyLoves is definitely a place you should go if you are a new mom, an old mom, or an almost-mom. Not only do they have links to some great information, but they have some really, really cute shirts. I received one that says "Mom" in swarovski crystals (I love the shiny!!) and underneath is says "The Ultimate Gig." I think it's adorable. I'm proud of my full-time job as mom. And what can I say, I'm a little partial to the name. :D

MommyLoves is hosting a giveaway promotion over the next month with 4 giveaway categories: Pregnancy, Mom, Dad, and Baby. Right now you can enter the Pregnancy Giveaway.

The Maternity Giveaway will feature the following companies and their products:

MommyLoves - Maternity shirt
JCompany - onesie
Jennier Wolfe Yoga - DVD
ProudBody - Belly Cast Kit and TummyTatts
Laurie Wing - Pregnancy Journal
Motherly Way - Pregnancy Calendar

Click here to head over and enter!