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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Wholesale Costume Club - Halloween Review

Moms and Dads - it's almost that time again. HALLOWEEN! As a kid, Halloween was my very favorite holiday. I mean, what's better than dressing up and getting lots and LOTS of candy?! Not much! Last year was my first year as a mom on Halloween. We didn't really plan to trick-or-treat much, but I did want to dress Max up in something really super cute. I quickly learned that there are a lot of option and a lot of price ranges for Halloween costumes. I wanted something in my budget, but I also wanted something that didn't look cheap.

I was recently introduced to Wholesale Costume Club, the only costume website on the internet that lets you purchase Halloween costumes at wholesale club member or non-member prices that are below the lowest retail prices you'll find on any online costume store. Each costume shows you the price you would pay at other sites, then give you your price option as a member or a non-member - and both prices beat the other sites!

Wholesale Costume Club was awesome enough to let me pick a costume for Max to try out. Their selection of Toddler Halloween costumes is pretty extensive, so I ended up browsing for hours trying to decide. Last year Max was a monkey and a dog, so this year I wanted to go with something else. I finally decided the Lil Frankie Costume would be perfect. We received the costume quickly after placing the order, and I wanted Max to try it on right away. Oh my GOSH, he looks so cute. I'm really happy with the costume; it seems perfect for whatever weather decides to come our way. I've seen hot and cold Halloweens, it's always a crapshoot. I love the little shoe covers that look like Frankenstein's (Did you know that Frankenstein is actually the dr, and the monster never actually had a name, other than Frankenstein's monster? Little fact there for you.) giant feet. I love all the little details like the patches, stitches and bolt. I'll probably pain his face green. And that flat top head is so cute. I'll have to work on finding a new camera so you guys can see how cute it is! I couldn't ask for a better costume at a better price!
Check out Wholesale Costume Club while doing your Halloween shopping. And check out their Facebook and Twitter pages, while you are at it.

**Wholesale Costume Club provided me with the costume in exchange for writing this post. I was not paid in any other way, and the thoughts and opinions of this review are all mine.**


  1. max is gonna be so cute. I thought we were doing monkey but I'm not sold on it.

  2. You can't beat finding great costumes at bargain prices!

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com


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