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Monday, June 6, 2011

Dreaming of a house, patio, and lounge furniture!

Recently my husband and I have begun house hunting. It's really exciting and scary at the same time! We saw a house a few weeks back, that I can't stop thinking about. It had a fireplace, 5 bedrooms, a huge master bedroom, and a gorgeous patio. The patio is what grabbed my attention, it was beautiful. I've always planned on having a patio, but I never imagined having one so nice and modern. It had huge ceramic tiles instead of a cement floor and drapes that could be closed for privacy or to block out the sun. I can only imagine how much more beautiful it would look decorated with lounge furniture.

I think patio's are great for entertaining, and having fabulous lounge furniture makes them even better. I'd love to have some modern lounge chairs, since I like to have drinks with my bestie on the weekends. Imagine how much fun we'd have lounging by the pool sipping on mixed drinks. Wait! Who am I kidding, we both have kids! Ok, so we'd be lounging by the pool drinking tea and watching our kids play. Either way we'd have a great time! As wonderful as it all sounds, it's still nerve wracking to think about having a mortgage. So we haven't made any offers yet, but it sure is nice to imagine the possibilities!

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  1. That sounds like a really beautiful house! I like the curtains around the porch because I like the outdoors, but not the bugs, so I would like to eat dinner outside and pull the curtains.

  2. I didn't even think about bugs LOL! I really do like the house, my only complaint is the back yard is small, and I really want a bigger yard for my boys :)


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