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Thursday, June 9, 2011

My husband, the not so good plumber!

Last weekend our bathroom sink became clogged. I didn't know what clogged it or how it happened, but the water in the sink wouldn't drain at all. I called my husband to tell him he needed to check it out. My husband has a lot of good strengths, but not when it comes to being a handy man or plumber. Nevertheless, he got all his tools together to check out the sink and got to work. He tried using the snake, but that didn't work, so he had to pull the sink out from the wall. As soon as he pulled the sink from the wall, gunky nasty water spilled out everywhere! The bathroom smelled horrible, my poor hubby was sweating but continued to work threw the mess. I'm not lying, when I tell you it took over six hours for him to fix the sink, it pretty much was an all day event. We ended up finding out that the sink was clogged with huge wads of hair! The funny thing is, it wasn't even my hair but my husbands (he has long curly hair)! After spending the whole day fixing the sink, he told me the next time the sink gets clogged, we're calling a plumber!

Do you have any plumbing horror stories to share? I'd love to hear them!

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  1. I don't have any horror stories, but when I replaced my faucet last year, I had that same nasty smell and it made me want to vomit! Ugh, it was horrible.


  2. I refuse to let my husband touch the plumbing lol, as much as I love to save money that is not something i would take the chance on. He can plunge a toilet but thats where it stops lol

  3. lol I'm the one who fixed the plumbing in our house so I totally understand!

  4. Thankfully my husband is a pretty good handy man, but I am usually the one that fixes the clogged drains as it is my hair that is the root of the problem!!

  5. my horror story - once I made keilbasa and cabbage - we had some water and cabbage bits leftover and I didn't want them to stink up the garbage. So I thought I'd just flush them down the toilet. WOW - bad idea! They immediately clogged up the toilet, which overflowed like crazy and then I had toilet water, cabbage, and stinky cabbage water all over my bathroom AND it ran into the floor radiators and down into the basement! HORRIBLE! I was screaming and yelling and nobody was home but me to help clean it up! :)LOL

  6. OMG JKMommy that is a horror story LOL!

  7. There are certain types of jobs and tasks which can only be performed by professionals, lawyer and a plumber. All three are the professionals as they know their work very well but what if a plumber performs the job of a doctor and what about doctor fixing or installing pipes. We can’t even think of it. So, let it be as what they are. Now we will talk about plumbing and plumbing.

  8. I find your story quite amusing. Being a plumber isn't as easy as it seems. Though it is very important to know some basic plumbing.

  9. I find your story quite amusing. Being a plumber isn't as easy as it seems. Though it is very important to know some basic plumbing.


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