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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Nursing: A popular career choice

I've always known nursing to be a popular career choice for many in my community, but I never realized how much in demand it actually is. There aren't many jobs available right now in my community, but there are a high number of nursing positions. From the Classifieds to Craigslist (for my town) there are always jobs available for CNA's, LVN's, and RN'S. Wherever I'm in town I'm always bound to see someone wearing medical scrubs. The cool thing about medical scrubs now is that they come in all kinds of different colors and characters. I've seen some really cute women's scrub pants. Sometimes I think nursing is a field I should have considered, since there are so many openings in my community, but honestly I could never see myself working in the medical field. It's just not for me.

Hopefully soon, we'll have a nurse of our own, in our family. My sister in law is working hard to become a nurse, and I know she'll make a good one. I know she can't wait until the day she graduates from the nursing program.

Is there a particular career that is popular in your community or is thriving even during these times of high unemployment? I'd love to hear about them.

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  1. Nursing course had been my no. 1 choice before getting into college. It is not just because I wanted to be a nurse it is also because I ma quite good in biology.

  2. I love my Mom i'am very thankful that she gave birth to me.Mom give away's are very good and beautiful.

  3. We should always give our mom a break. I mean she always do household chores and cares for us. It is time to make her feel comfortable.


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