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Sunday, July 10, 2011 Review

I love shopping online, it's so convenient and online stores usually offer a larger variety. Being the mom of two boys and an auntie of nieces and nephews, I am constantly on the lookout for toys. I recently came across a store called Ebeanstalk, which carries a huge selection of toys that are matched to children's age development.

I really like how easy it is to navigate on Ebeanstalk. Right from the home page you can select your child's age and find a whole selection of toys that are perfect for them. My nephew's 3rd birthday is coming up so I'm going to need to find him a gift. Ebeanstalk has so many cute toys for 3 year olds.

I just love the Lemonade Stand and the School House Play tent. Kids will have so much fun playing and using their imagination. The Little Jumpers Trampoline would make a perfect 3 year old gift. Ebeanstalk doesn't just carry toys they also have a great selection of children's books. If you're looking for some fun Eric Carle books, they have them!

I think Ebeanstalk is a nice toy store, that's easy to use and navigate. Plus they have tons of great toys!

Disclaimer: Ebeanstalk has provided me a gift card in exchange for a review of their website. However all opinions are my own.



  1. Sounds like a great resource for educational toys for the kids. I'll head over there now and check them out.

  2. LOVE ebeanstalk! so much fun!!!

  3. That have such a wonderful selection of toys!

  4. That play tent looks like TONS of fun! AND the trampoline too...woo hoo! :)

  5. I love ebeanstalk. They have such great stuff.


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