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Friday, August 5, 2011

Bright Starts Convertible Cart Cover Review!

Last week we took a mini vacation to the beach with my parents and the boys, and we had a blast! Since we were staying in a hotel we also did a lot of eating out. Well the food was good everywhere we ate, I was horrified about the high chairs. Most of them were sticky or had old food stuck to them, it was so gross. We were constantly having to wipe them down, and even after they'd been wiped, I still felt bad putting my 1-year-old in them. I really needed a high chair cover! The day after we got home from the beach, I received the Bright Starts Convertible Cart Cover for review.

The Bright Starts Convertible Cart Cover can be used three different ways. It can be used as a cover for shopping carts, high chairs, and converts into a mat for tummy time. It features toy loops for attaching baby's favorite toys and pockets for stashing essentials while on-the-go.

Here's some pictures of my little man with his cart cover:

(I can never get him to look at the camera!)

I'm so glad I was able to review the Bright Starts Convertible Cart cover, it's great having a barrier between my baby and the germy shopping cart or high chair. The cover is very soft and folds up, and can be easily carried in a diaper bag. It has nice bright colors which really caught my baby's attention. He kept touching the cover and smiling, it was so cute! I love that the cart cover works for both high chairs and shopping carts, and I like that it isn't too big and bulky. It's also machine washable, which is great. The cover doesn't completely cover the shopping cart, but I didn't have any problems with my son grabbing the sides. I'm so glad I have the Bright Starts Convertible Cart Cover. I'm going to feel so much better putting my son in high chairs at restaurants now.

Disclaimer: I received a Bright Starts Convertible Cart Cover for review. No monetary compensation and all opinions are my own.



  1. Machine washable and multiple uses... What a winning combination. I love the bright colors and fun design!

  2. I love the bright colors and fun design. That will definitely keep their attention!

  3. What a perfect idea for infants! My boys are a little too old for this but i'll have to keep it in mind for the next baby shower I attend!

  4. Shopping carts ARE nasty...eew. My son was trying to chew on the shopping cart today...makes me want to run out and buy one of these!!! I have always wanted one. :)

  5. What a clever idea!!

    I wonder how fast the shipping is??? I have a baby shower to go to on Weds,this would be so perfect she's a germ phobe and I'm thinking the cover all surfaces would be right up her ally!

    If baby boy is included I'll take two!


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