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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Nutrisystem Weigh In Week #4

Wow, I can't believe it's been one month since I've started Nutrisystem! It honestly doesn't even feel like I'm on a "real" diet. By "real", I mean a diet that I hate and can't wait to get off of. Nutrisystem is nothing like that. I enjoy most of the food and it's so easy and convenient. Best of all I'm having great results so I have no reason to want to get off!

This week I've lost 2 pounds! Making it a total of 10 for my first month. I've also lost 2 inches off my arms and 4 inches off my waist. I'm super happy! My husband keeps telling me he can see me shrinking. I am loving my Nutrisystem results!
Weight Loss:
Week 1 -----4 pounds
Week 2-----0 pounds
Week 3-----4 pounds
Week 4-----2 pounds

Total Lost: 10 pounds!

Before I became a Nutrisystem Blogger, I use to watch the Nutrisystem commercials and wondered if it worked. I wondered what exactly you got for your money and if the food was good. I'm happy to be apart of the Nutrisystem Blogger program because I get to share my honest opinions with you.

Here's a video of what you can expect from your first Nutrisystem shipment:

My box only contained 18 days of meals because I'm on the Women's Select Program. I also received 10 days of frozen foods but hadn't received them in time for my video.

Want to lose weight and get healthy on Nutrisystem? Join today by calling 1-888-853-4689 or by visiting Nutrisystem.

Disclaimer: As part of the Nutrisystem Nation Blogger Program, Nutrisystem is providing me their food/program for free in exchange for blogging about my experiences. All opinions are my own.



  1. 10 pounds in one month?? That is SERIOUSLY impressive! Way to go! My fiance did Nutrisystem a few months back and he loved it, too.

  2. You are doing awesome! 10 pounds is quite impressive. If you went to the grocery store and put 10 packs of butter in your cart, that's 10lbs. Each pack containing 4 sticks of butter = 1lb. Then you can really see how much you've lost!

  3. That is great! I am glad you are having so much success with it!

  4. Way to go! 10 pounds is awesome. I'm glad that they've come up with meals that are tasty. The ones that they did years ago looked so unappealing.


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