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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Zazzle Personalized T-shirts Review

I'm a huge fan of personalized gifts, not just for Christmas gifts but for birthdays and special occasions too.  Personalization just makes everything more special. 

I was recently introduced to Zazzle and was surprised by how much they have to offer.  You can personalize almost anything!  From shirts, hats, iphone cases, binders, Doodle speakers, aprons, etc.  Seriously, its so cool!  I was able to pick some items to review and  I decided on some Big Bro/Lil Bro matching shirts for my boys.

There are tons of Big Bro/Lil Bro shirts to choose from, and they're all so cute!  I chose the MOD Blocks Big Bro/Lil Bro blue and brown personalized t-shirts for my boys.  What I found out about Zazzle is that you can truly personalize the shirts to your liking.  I picked the regular white t-shirts for my boys but you can even choose the style and color of the shirt.  Pretty cool!
 (Lil Bro doesn't like taking pictures, I tried to get him in but he escaped!)

The Big Bro and Lil Bro shirts are too cute!  Seriously I love seeing my boys in their matching personalized shirts.  My oldest loves being the big brother and was super happy with his shirt, especially since it had his name on it.  He was even happier when he saw that his little brother had a matching shirt too!  I like that the shirts are soft and comfortable for the kids, and that they're true to size.

Now that I know about Zazzle I'm definitely going to be buying my personalized gifts from them.  Valentines will be here soon and I know I can find my hubby something cool.

Disclaimer: I received the products mentioned above for review purposes only.  No monetary compensation was given an all opinions are my own.



  1. Cute! I love giving personalized gifts too!

  2. Aww! Too cute. My kids wouldn't do that and I love to see other people's kids in their matching shirts.

  3. that is so cute! I will have to check these out, thanks!

  4. I am a fan of personalized tshirts too....and there doesn't have to be an occasion!

  5. Love the article, Vicky! Nice work, and your son is adorable :) glad everything worked out well!

  6. i have an escape artist, too, lol

  7. personalized gifts are the best! my kiddos would wear matching shirts but only for a picture and then the older 2 would change :)

  8. Love Zazzle...I've sold products with my designs through several print on demand shops and like Zazzle the best. Their printing is always great, and they do a lot that makes it a joy to sell through them. They just keep getting better, while the other places I've worked through just keep doing things to make it harder for the artists that provide their designs. So I'm a big fan.


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