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Friday, February 10, 2012

Nutrisystem Weigh In Week 27

Soooo I'm just going to come out and say it....I gained 2 pounds this week.  I know it's mostly water weight but a 2 pound gain sucks and well it's pretty embarrassing to admit!  I've been dealing with some personal issues that have me down in the dumps and turning to comfort foods.  I know I should be learning to deal with my issues without turning to food, but I had a pretty bad week and I gave into food, and ditched my diet for a few days.
Weight Loss:
Week 1 -----4 pounds lost
Week 2-----0 pounds lost
Week 3-----4 pounds lost
Week 4-----2 pounds lost
Week 5----+1 pound gained
Week 6-----4 pounds lost
Week 7-----2 pounds lost
Week 8-----0 pounds lost
Week 9-----1.5 pounds lost
Week 10-----2 pounds lost
Week 11-----2 pounds lost
Week 12-----0.5 pounds lost
Week 13-----2 pound lost
Week 14-----1 pounds lost
Week 15-----2.5 pounds lost
Week 16-----1.5 pounds lost 
Week 17----+2 pound gained
Week 18-----2 pounds lost
Week 19-----2 pounds lost
Week 20-----0 pounds lost
Week 21----+1 pound gained
Week 22-----0 pound lost
Week 23-----2 pounds lost
Week 24-----0 pound lost 

Week 25-----1 pound lost
Week 26-----1 pound lost 
Week 27--+2 pounds gained

Total Pounds Lost: 31!!

I love being on Nutrisystem.  It's so easy and convenient.  I feel bad for falling off the wagon this week, especially with Valentine's Day coming up.   I know my husband is going to get me a box of See's candy and it's going to be hard fighting off all the chocolate temptation, BUT I really want to continue losing weight.  I can't wait to hit the 40 pound weight loss mark.

I need to get my butt back in gear and get back on track.  SERIOUSLY!  I can AND will do this!

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Disclaimer: As part of the Nutrisystem Nation Blogger Program, Nutrisystem is providing me their food/program for free in exchange for blogging about my experiences. All opinions are my own.



  1. Aww, hugs! I'm sorry you've been feeling down. I think it's been a rough month for a lot of people (Me included). Keep in mind, weight can fluctuate a lot, so a 2 lb fluctuation isn't a big deal. I'm a comfort food person too - I always say, some people chain smoke, I reach for a bucket of chicken!! LOL. I think that will always be a coping mechanism for some degree for me, but the goal is to get my life happy enough that I don't feel the need to stuff my face as much. You're on an awesome program that will see you through, don't stress about one "Off" week.

  2. Don't feel bad that you gained two pounds. Sometimes it is hard to stay on a diet especially when you are dealing with personal issues. You are doing a great job. :)

  3. Beeb is totally right, 2 lb fluctuation really isn't a big deal. If you find yourself in too much of a bind you can always feel free to mail me your see's candy. ;)


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