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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Anytime Costumes Review

It's that time of year again!! I love Halloween, and have since I was little. Really, though, what's not to love? Getting dressed up in crazy outfits and candy! My favorite costume when I was little was a punk rocker. I used to be cool. ;) In college, I remember how the costumes got a little sexier...

Now that I'm a mom, costumes are back to G-rated! Max is at the age where he kind-of has an opinion about what he wants to dress up as. Boo! But lucky for this mama, Caroline is that prime age, where she's old enough to trick-or-treat, but I get the costume pick and candy! Yes! I've been checking out new costumes for 2012 since mid-summer.

I had the opportunity to check out Anytime Costumes and pick one out for Caroline. I loved this little bumblebee costume, and when it arrived on my doorstep, I couldn't wait to see it in action. Oh my goodness, I died from the cute. Look at my little bug! The wings! The antennae! THAT STINGER! Gah!!! Not only is it fracking adorable, but I love that the costume is comfy for a 1 year old, and will definitely keep her warm if the weather gets too cool.

Now, all I need to do is convince Max that he really wants to dress up as a bee keeper...

What is your cutie going to dress up as??

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